The Comprehensive Plan is a long range policy document adopted and amended by City Council. The Plan establishes a vision for the City, provides policy guidance for growth and development and contains action items directed at the City to implement the vision. The Plan shapes our daily decisions and impacts the type of City we will leave to those who come after us.  Your participation is essential to ensure that it  reflects the community's values and aspirations for tomorrow, next year and beyond.  During the next few weeks, we ask that you take advantage of opportunities to weigh in on the future of this community.  Your voice is important and Lynchburg is Listening.

Michael A Gillette, Mayor

Michael A. Gillette, Mayor

Michael A Gillette, Mayor

Comp Plan Hearing Scheduled
The City Council will conduct a hearing on the Comprehensive Plan at 7:30 pm on December 10. The Planning Commission recommended adoption of the Plan after their hearing on October 23rd.  Thanks to the citizens of Lynchburg who participated in our workshops and the Planning Commission Hearing. Please feel free to submit comments using the comments center or the contact us button on the left side of this page.
For information, contact the Community Development Department at 455-3900.

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The Planning Team welcomes comments, questions, suggestions, and insight from everyone. Click the link below to email us directly!